Paul Stubbs has received different awards for his writing from the Society of Authors and Arts Council East. His second collection The Icon Maker was published by Arc Publications in 2008 to great critical response and his third collection, The End of the Trial of Man was released in 2015. Black Herald Press published two longs poem, Ex Nihilo, in 2010 and Flesh, in 2013. His poems have appeared in a variety of magazines (The Wolf, Poetry Review, The Shop, The Bitter Oleander, Spolia, les Carnets d’Eucharis, Nunc…). Paul Stubbs has also written a play, The Messiah, and English versions of two classical Greek plays, Euripides’ The Bacchae and Aeschylus’ Prometheus Unbound, as well as a book of essays about Arthur Rimbaud, The Carbonized Earth. He is the co-editor of The Black Herald, literary magazine. His latest book is a collection of poetical essays, The Return to Silence (Black Herald Press, 2016).

Paul Stubbs (né en 1969 en Grande-Bretagne) est l’auteur de deux recueils de poésie, The Theological Museum (Flambard Press, 2005) et The Icon Maker (Arc Publications, 2008), de deux longs poèmes, Ex Nihilo (Black Herald Press, 2010) et Flesh (2013) de diverses pièces de théâtre. Son troisième recueil, The End of the Trial of Man, qui s’inspire en partie des peintures de Francis Bacon, a paru en 2015 (Arc Publications). Poèmes et critiques ont paru dans diverses anthologies et revues (The Wolf, Poetry Review, The Shop, The Bitter Oleander, Spolia, les Carnets d’Eucharis, Nunc…). Il est aussi coéditeur de la revue de littérature bilingue The Black Herald.


Blandine Longre is a French writer and literary translator. Black Herald Press published Clarities, a poetry collection, in 2010, and Cosmographia (2015). She has translated the poetry of Paul Stubbs, David GascoyneGregory Corso, W.S. Graham, etc. Her translations include Tabish Khair’s The Bus Stopped (Picador / Apaiser la poussière, Éditions du Sonneur, 2010) and The Thing about Thugs (Harper Collins / Editions du Sonneur, 2012), The Wizard of Oz books by L. F. Baum (Le Cherche Midi), The Chronicles of Ancient Darkness, Gods and Warriors and Dark Matter by Michelle Paver (Orion/Hachette), The Perks of being a wallflower by Stephen Chbosky and The Dream of Perpetual Motion by Dexter Palmer (with Anne-Sylvie Homassel). She is also the co-editor of The Black Herald, literary magazine.

Blandine Longre, auteur et traductrice littéraire, coédite la revue de littérature en partie bilingue The Black Herald. Clarities, recueil de poésie, a paru en 2010. Parmi ses traductions, Apaiser la Poussière et A propos d’un thug de Tabish Khair (Éditions du Sonneur), Chroniques des Temps Obscurs, Le temps des héros et 40 jours de nuit de Michelle Paver (Hachette), Le Monde de Charlie de Stephen Chbosky (Sarbacane), les romans de L. F. Baum (Cycle d’Oz, Cherche-midi éditeur) et Le Rêve du mouvement perpétuel de Dexter Palmer (Passage du Nord-Ouest, 2014, en collaboration avec Anne-Sylvie Homassel). Elle traduit également la poésie de Paul Stubbs, de David Gascoyne, de W. S. Graham et de Gregory Corso.

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