Black Herald Press, éditeur indépendantpublie des ouvrages de poésie, des essais et une revue de littérature bilingue, The Black Herald.

Black Herald Press, an independent presspublishes poetry books, essays, and a bilingual magazine, The Black Herald.

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Black Herald Pressa truly new world poetry, wide awake and, like any new animal, subject only to the ever-changing processes of adapting to any sudden biological condition. A poetry born of no schools or workshops, so ready now to assimilate new rhythms, syntax and visions; to embrace the ‘originality’ of any ontological word-harvest and the assimilation of ‘all’ new inscrutable realities; to leave the pen as the needle of a seismograph, recording and tracing again across the page only the polysemic and chaotic tremors of the world.


‘ y lábrase la raza en mi palabra, como estrella de sangre a flor de músculo.’ (‘and the race is sculpted in my word, / like a blood star underlying muscle’)
César Vallejo

« …Et me moquant de la gloire comme d’une niaiserie usée. Qu’est l’immortalité relative, et se passant souvent dans l’esprit d’imbéciles, à côté de la joie de contempler l’Éternité, et d’en jouir, vivant, en soi ? » (“I shall scorn fame as I would any other stupid, worn-out idea. For what is relative immortality- especially since we are often immortal in the minds of idiots-compared to the joy of looking on Eternity and enjoying it within ourselves while we are still alive?”)
Mallarmé, Lettre à Théodore Aubanel.

‘…a lipless language / Necessarily squashed from the side / To make its point against the rules / It is our poetry such as it is.’
W.S. Graham

“Face à face avec la profondeur, l’homme, front penché, se recueille.
Que voit-il au fond du trou caverneux ? La nuit sous la terre, l’Empire d’ombre.”
Victor Segalen

‘The aim of philosophy is to clarify, while the aim of literature is to mystify.’
Iris Murdoch

“I have criticized a certain widespread and popular kind of modern poetry as being itself coloured by the materialist ideology whose premisses are unquestioned in our current secular culture.”
From Nature & Meaning, Kathleen Raine (in The Underlying Order and other essays, Temenos Academy, 2008)

‘The great poet creates only out of his own reality—to the point at which he is afterwards unable to endure his own work’.

‘The human cylinders / Revolving in the enervating dusk / That wraps each closer in the mystery / Of singularity’
Mina Loy


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